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Take Five with designer Annie Fink

by Amber Schadewald
Photography by Danny Seipp
Whether holding a warrior pose or a flirtini, a stylish pair of sleeves by Annie Fink Designs is bound to give your arms the attention they deserve. Cute and comfy, functional and fashionable, Annie Fink's arm warmers are delighting shoppers around the country and even garnering attention from Hollywood. Lindsey Lohan can be seen rocking Fink's sleeves in an episode of Ugly Betty and the accessory is also slated to appear on the set of Chuck.

As for the designer Annie Fink's take on her recent success, she couldn't feel more motivated.
"It's weird-- I don't have to convince anyone anymore," she laughs with a warm smile, noting how selling "sleeves" wasn't always easy. As trends have turned and her designs have solidified, the work is disappearing from shelves and finding homes on eager arms. "I like to say I'm flying on fumes and faith. Flying towards fame and fortune."
Smooth velvet solids, flashy stripes, leather and houndstooth, Fink's sleeves come in enough styles and colors to fit anyone's liking. All of Fink's designs are made with high quality fabrics and clean stitching-- always with stretch, no seams and a foldable cuff for easy take-off. The bottom line for Fink is functionality.

Cover of TCLF January 2009

"They've got to be relaxed and easy to slap on, because that's what I like," she insists.
A longtime yoga instructor, Fink designed the sleeve after years of punching thumbholes in her sweatshirt sleeves while teaching. Today her specifically designed sleeves hold the same purpose: to keep her wrist's pulse point warm. To mark this intention, each of her sleeves comes with a tiny red heart sewn on the inside of the wrist. Extremely easygoing, wildly imaginative and yet structured, Fink fits her brand's motto: "wear your heart on your sleeve."
Fink is relentlessly eager to help anyone who has helped her. She is also very open to creative input from friends and family, which not only keeps her designs fresh, but also diverse.
"The whole idea behind my business is that I don't want to do this alone," she says. "Eventually I want a portion to go back into scholarships, school fundraisers and anything helping animals." She rests her chin on her hands, revealing her gray sleeves with bright red hearts facing out to the world.

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Featured in Print: Minnesota's designing women wow shoppers with their wit and wisdom

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Minnesota's designing women wow shoppers with their wit and wisdom

By Allison Kaplan

Last week at the Maiden Minnesota event, Twin Cities shoppers clamored to get their hands on some of the newest and coolest products being made locally by women. Here's a look at some of the buzzworthy Minnesota creations.

A long-sleeved sweater might seem like the obvious answer, but that didn't stop women from grabbing for Minneapolis-made arm sleeves in a wide range of colors and prints. They started out as a way for Fink to keep warm while teaching yoga but have blossomed into a fashion statement worn by Lindsay Lohan on "Ugly Betty." Available at several local stores including Picky Girl and Larue's, 3952 Lyndale Ave. S., Minneapolis. See the full list at