here we go....I know, again!

Posted by Annie Fink on November 27, 2011 0 Comments

 Well, we're heading into the "BIg Season"!  Gulp!  Lots of shows and parties.  Maybe it's good, though. It is so easy to slide into "couch potato" mode.  I had to watch Dancing with the Stars..then Castle.  Then there was Tues night..oh well, I can basically list the TV schedule,,,snore!  I guess the point is that there will be no choice, but to go out..and, it's always fun when ya do!  I am fried..and, that is so annoying!  Again, it hasn't even started.  Do you think that each year one ages, that the sidewalk subtly slopes upwards..and, time ticks just a little faster.  So, it takes longer and it's harder, and time goes faster and faster..whoa, i just got a little crabby and edgy!  I think I will go lay on my couch, and not worry what's up next..cause, it will come..and, hopefully I will be here to rise to the occasion!

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